• Madame X Tour - Rehearsed Songs

    Madame X Tour - Rehearsed Songs          


    Extreme Occident
    Rescue Me
    Easy Ride (guitar)
    Medellin (danced)
    American Life
    Human Nature (jazzy)
    Satin Birds (from W.E. soundtrack)
    I Rise (danced)
    Crave / Holiday (danced)
    Crave (guitar)
    Dark Ballet (piano)
    Living For Love
    God Control
    Future (electric guitar)
    Batuka (drums)
    Beautiful Stranger (acoustic)
    Killers Who Are Partying
    Like A Prayer (choirs)
    You Must Love Me / Tu Tens Que Me Amar
    X-static Process (violons)
    Come Alive (choir)
    I Don't Search I Find
    Never met a girl like you before
    La Foule / Que Nadie Sepa Mi Sufrir



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