• Madame X Tour : a phone-free experience

    Since the Sticky & Sweet Tour times, or so on, concerts of all artists are full of arms-up with phone recording and / or photographying the show, so that fans could have souvenirs of their very special night. It is also a big issue, for artists and audience at the same time, both not enjoying the good way the night they are living.


    Madonna announces today through a TicketMaster statement that the Madame X Tour will be a "phone-free" experience ! No more photos, videos, nor Facebook live, Snapchat, Periscop and others.


    Some will be happy (including Madonna and crew for sure), some won't.


    How it will work ? You will keep with you your phone, but the venue staff will invite you to put it in a slim case which is gonna be locked during the show, in the venue. In the case you need to use your phone, you will have to tap the case on any unlocking base in the venue lobby, out of the concert room.


    TicketMaster statement HERE

    Le Madame X Tour : une experience sans téléphone

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